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Adding Light Around Your House | DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

How to Add More Light Around Your Home

Adding LightIs your home darker than you’d like? One of the most prominent problems facing many homeowners is a lack of sufficient lighting. This is particularly troublesome in older houses with outdated lighting and closed floorplans. If you have trouble seeing to read in the evenings or just want to brighten things up a little, it might be time for a home remodeling project. You can easily add more light in trouble spaces. Doing this can have a huge impact on the look and function of your home. Talk to your contractor about these fantastic ways to effectively add more light around your home and plan your next kitchen makeover or bathroom update.

Add Recessed Lighting in Your Living Room

Recessed lighting is a perfect addition to any space, but it can be particularly affective and appealing when used in your living room. Get rid of pesky shadows by adding recessed lights every five feet or so.

Install Headboard Lighting in Your Bedroom

You can make your bedroom simply stunning by adding lighting on or around your headboard. If you have shelving or cabinetry behind your bed, this is an especially good idea.

Put Under-Cabinet Lighting in Your Bathroom

Tired of dropping and losing contacts in the bathroom? Adding under-cabinet lighting might be the perfect bathroom update for you! This type of lighting isn’t only functional, it also very attractive.

Install a Skylight in Your Kitchen

If you’re someone who loves natural lighting, it’s worth adding the installation of a skylight to your kitchen makeover list. Skylights are ideal for people who enjoy naturally lit spaces and can greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

Stop Living in the Dark: Add More Light Around Your Home Today

Don’t continue living in the dark. If you’ve identified that your home has a lighting problem, make fixing it a priority. Now that you have a few ideas regarding how and where to add more lighting, contact a professional contractor to get your project rolling. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Northeast San Antonio offers several great home remodeling services, including general construction, kitchen remodeling, and bathroom remodeling. Visit our website for more information about our company and services. You can also call us at (830) 494-4411 with questions or to schedule a no-obligation, free consultation today.

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Home Lighting Installation in NE San Antonio, TX

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