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Decorate Your Kitchen with Bookcases and Cookbooks

Kitchen BookcasesA bookcase normally isn’t the type of accessory you would consider for a kitchen. Books, after all, are items you typically store out of sight or in the living room. Nevertheless, you can add a lot of style with a kitchen bookcase and some of the latest recipe books on display.

A Few Ideas for Kitchen Bookcases

When we talk about bookcases, we’re not necessarily refering to standalone shelves for storing those hardbacks. We’re talking about any type of storage area that can be adapted to placing and displaying books. In this sense, the books themselves also serve as décor.

Our kitchen remodelers have recommended these ideas to previous clients:

Floating shelves

You can add a small floating shelf if you have a bit of extra space below a cabinet. This provides enough space for a small collection of cookbooks. Here’s an idea: store the books with the front facing out instead of the spine. This way, the full cover is visible. Feel free to overlap books of different sizes over one another. The book take up more space this way, but it’s a great way to display them if visual appeal is your main concern.

Tabletop Shelf

If you have space, you can add a standalone shelf on the countertop. You can display your books here along with other items, such as your premium spices or that imported bottle of olive oil.

Shelves on Kitchen Islands

Some kitchen islands come with small shelves in the corners below the counter. This is another great area for showcasing your books. Again, consider displaying the books with the front facing out. If the island is new and you want to show it off, then displaying your books in this manner will draw the eyes toward the entire island.

Leave the Rest of the Renovations to Us

Contact DreamMaker of Northeast San Antonio and leave the more extensive aspects of kitchen remodeling to our general contractors. A kitchen bookcase and a few books, however, are easy DIY additions that add a lot of spunk.

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