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How to Pick the Perfect Bathroom Tile

Picking Perfect Bathroom TileAre you planning to tackle a home remodeling project this winter? Remodeling your home’s master or guest bathroom, perhaps? If you’re about to start a bathroom update, you’ve many decisions to make. While bathrooms can be small, the impacts of your design choices certainly are not. One great place to start your project is by picking the right bathroom tile for your space. Picking your tile early can help ensure your final product looks and feel cohesive, as other decisions will often fall into place afterward. Here are three great tips to help make sure you choose bathroom tile you’ll be happy with for years to come.

  1. Starting Small is Fine

The best way to begin your search for the perfect bathroom tile is to identify the one thing you know you just can’t live without. Whether that’s a specific color, material, or shape, latch onto it. Let that one thing you absolutely love help define the rest of the space. The same concept applies for a kitchen makeover as well.

  1. Narrow Down Your Bathroom Tile Selections

One thing is for sure, you won’t be hurting for tile options and variety. There’s something for everyone; you just need to find the something, or somethings, for you...but not too many somethings. Limit your selections to no more than three different tiles. Anything more than that will detract from the overall look of your space. Don’t forget to discuss possible selections with your contractor.

  1. Don’t Forget about the Cleanup

Tiles come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Some tiles require special treatment after they’ve been installed. Make sure you pay attention to material types and remember that you will be the one cleaning the bathroom tile after everything’s installed.

Ready to Begin (and Finish) Your Search for Bathroom Tile?

If you’re eager to get your bathroom remodeling project underway, your best bet is to find a professional contractor to help. Working with a remodeling contractor is always a good idea, especially for bigger and more complicated projects, like bathrooms and kitchens. For help, contact DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Northeast San Antonio today. We specialize in a large variety of home remodeling services and are ready to answer any and all of your bathroom tile questions. Make sure you visit our website for additional information and call (830) 494-4411 to schedule a no-obligation, free consultation to discuss your bathroom remodeling project.

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