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Kitchen Remodeling Trends San Antonio

Do you have a kitchen remodel on your agenda this summer or fall? If you’re planning to update your entertainment hub, it’s likely you’ve been on the lookout for great design trends to incorporate into your project plans. The possibilities for your kitchen are endless! Here are several great San Antonio kitchen remodeling trends for 2017 you might want to consider.

1. Install More Windows

Bright and airy spaces are becoming a favorite among homeowners. When you begin making plans for your San Antonio kitchen remodeling project, make sure you incorporate the installation of new windows. Large door windows are great for patio access, as are floor to ceiling windows for even more natural light.

2. Select Grey

White, when used appropriately, can be a stunning addition to any kitchen or bathroom update. But, designers today encourage selecting grey instead. Grey is a particularly good choice for cabinetry and is also a great color for countertops, floors, hardware, and backsplashes. Definitely keep this color in mind for your dream kitchen remodeling project.

3. Value Function over Aesthetics

I know, am I really saying this? One of the primary goals of your kitchen remodel should be to add more function to your space. Luckily, there are several hardware manufacturers that are making functionality a priority as well. Talk to your contractor about installing easy-close doors and cabinets. This style cabinet opens and closes with a touch of a button.

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