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Is an Open Floor Interior Right for You?

Open Floor InteriorMore homes these days are incorporating an open floor interior. In an open floor home, the living room and kitchen essentially blend together as one room. It’s a popular choice for people who appreciate the design of contemporary architecture. Is it right for your home, though? Here are some factors to consider when choosing between an open floor and traditional floor plan.

Advantages of an Open Floor Interior

We creae an open floor by removing boundaries that divide kitchen, living room and dining room spaces. This is a plus in the sense that it keeps everyone in the same room, creating a greater social setting. For parents, it also allows them to keep tabs on the kids while preparing dinner. In a similar vein, you can watch the television in the living room from a vantage point in the kitchen.

With an open floor, no walls separate the rooms. This enables more natural light to flow into the living space. Finally, an open floor may be more beneficial from a safety and mobility standpoint. It allows seniors and those with disabilities to more easily traverse back and forth between the two areas.

Advantages of a Closed Floor Plan

A traditional, closed floor plan has its own advantages as well. For one, it creates a greater sense of privacy. This can be important for some people living in close quarters with multiple occupants.

There is also more wall space, allowing for additions like wall art or a shelf. Speaking of wall space, the wall can reduce noise traveling from one room to another. In other words, when your child does homework in the living room, she won’t be distracted as much when you switch on that noisy blender.

We Specialize in Both Floor Plans

For a complete overhaul of your living quarters, contact DreamMaker of Northeast San Antonio. Our interior remodelers can create a beautiful living space whether you choose a closed or open floor interior.

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